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To our family, friends and supporters,

NEW WEBSITE!!!!  www.clinicsofhopetogo.org!!!

     We have some wonderful news about Clinics of Hope. But first I need to update you on our last trip. In March 2012 we sadly closed our Ganave clinic. There were two families each with a claim to the office of village chief who simply made things too difficult for our staff. It was a very difficult decision to make. Where there is much strife and uncertainty there is the greatest need for the stability only Jesus can bring. At our final meeting with Chief Tomas and Chief Gadzo we promised to return for one day clinics and offered to help the village in any way we can when they resolved their differences. I truly believe that COH is not through in Ganave! We have been in further contact and will do a one day clinic May 2, 2013 for them.

                                                   Ephrata means “fruitful”. Ephrata was missionary Caleb’s wife (1 Chronicles 2:19).

We visited our clinics in Asso apagan and Koveto in March 2012. We felt that the local churches could benefit more from the clinics. There was an insufficient connection between village pastors, churches and our clinics. We formulated a plan for Pastor Mic to meet quarterly or more often with the pastors, key church staff and their spouses for training, prayer and to strategize ways to make our clinics more effective for the Gospel. Pastor Mic had 14 people in his second session.

                                            Ephrata- the boyhood home of David. It is the same town as Bethlehem, where Jesus was born (Genesis 35:19, Micah 5:2).


  We supplied Asso, Koveto and Tigoe with 1000 tablets to treat worms in male children 2 yrs. to 18 years old and females from 2 yrs. to 20 yrs. old. The CDC and WHO recommend treating all people in these age groups in the villages three times a year. The burden to a population because of worms is staggering! Worms cause anemia, stunted growth, developmental delays, and malnutrition and contribute to absence from school and work. Worm infection is one of the leading causes of miscarriage and low birth weight babies. We can solve these serious problems for our villages by this deworming program. The medicines to do this cost less than ten cents a year!

                                                                                                Ephrata- Jesus has arrived

Our clinic in the small city of Sokode is also doing very well. The local authorities recognized it as one of the best clinics in the city. The government inspectors came to see how we did our work and they were surprised to find that we did not have a State Nurse. (Someone similar to a Nurse Practitioner in the U.S.) They helped us to find and hire a very well qualified young man for this position. With his presence we are able to pursue licensing as a government vaccination center, and we are also able to pursue a limited laboratory license so that we can perform necessary analyses. Having a lab and a State Nurse in our clinic will place us among the finest health care providers in Sokode.

      Finally, in September 2012 we opened a new clinic! All of our furniture, equipment, supplies and medicines from Ganave were transferred to our new clinic in EPHRATA! Ephrata is a piece of land given to Pioneers missionary Sylvester. It is centrally located among 47 small, remote villages! The furthest village away is about 6 miles    (an easy distance to cover for a villager in Togo). There are a couple of buildings on the land, primarily a small home for the caretaker and his family and a bedroom for the missionary. We have built a small block and mud building with a tin roof for our start-up clinic location; but we need a few more buildings: waiting room, pharmacy, birthing room,   and a building with a number of treatment rooms where patients can rest, recover from treatment and even stay overnight if necessary. We will be approaching New Hope Christian Church and their Water for Life program to get a much needed well on this land. We will also need a generator; safely and securely enclosed in a small building for evening patient care especially labor and delivery.

                                                            Ephrata our new clinic location! Opened September 2012. Serving 47+ villages within a 6 mile radius!!

                                                                 Two full-time Pioneers-Togo missionaries to serve the spiritual needs of our patients!!!

      So, thank you for your prayers and financial support.   I hope that your support can continue. The impact on people’s lives in the villages we serve is immense. Women no longer give birth unattended on the ground. Children no longer suffer from worm infections without hope. The clinics bring hope and dignity to people with so little. Please pray and support us financially, I assure you, we are ALL making a difference to many!

God Bless You, Merry Christmas!

Dr. Tom Mancini

Debbie Motta, RN